The Top 10 Roblox Creations to Enjoy on 2024

Take a look at some of the most played Roblox games that users can enjoy mobile cloud starting May 2022, in this helpful article.

The Top 10 Roblox Creations to Enjoy on (May 2022)

We’ve mentioned this before and Roblox is indeed the one that keeps giving in part because it’s not an ordinary game, but rather a platform for everyone to create as well as program personal games. In this regard, there’s no shortage of content available within Roblox’s “game”. The best part is that even though it appears to be an innocent game it has designs for players of all ages, and even that have themes of horror and maturity for those who prefer that.

But, as is the case when taking an in-depth look at the constantly expanding collection of Roblox creations, identifying the most effective ones could be a difficult process. In this guide, we’ll list the most popular 10 Roblox creations for May 2022. We’ll look through the popular games and evaluate the games to see which ones are the most popular. This means that the list will be a bit different regarding genres, target players, and game mechanics.

In conclusion, If you’re hoping to have a blast playing you play Roblox, you might prefer to play the top games available that are available on this platform. Top 10 Roblox Creations

Let’s get started!

1. Blox Fruits

Active Users: 100k

Visits: 5.4 Billion

Rating: 94%

This could be a first for us to write these lists However, the title we’re going to start with is an RPG. Blox Fruits is an RPG where you can play as a character. Blox Fruits, you have the option to select to play as a Marine as well as a Pirate You will be taken into an environment where you can explore playing with NPCs, take on quests, and continually increase the power of your characters. By completing tasks as well, you’ll earn cash to use to purchase boats, weapons, or blox fruits and other items to boost your character. This will allow players to explore the world for loot and power.

With Blox Fruits, the globe is yours to explore: You can grind local mobs to earn more money and experience, cruise across vast oceans seeking out secret treasures or take on with powerful raid bosses whether on your own or with group of friends.

Are you the one who has the skills to become the best gamer in the entire world? Try Blox Fruits and find out!

2. Brookhaven RP

Active Users: 283k

Visits: 18.5 Billion

Rating: 86%

Brookhaven RP will likely be a regular feature in our lists as time goes on, considering that it’s been featured each once, thus far. With over 300,000 daily active visitors in addition to 18.5 billion visitors, do you be blamed for allowing us to include it?

It’s difficult to comprehend why Brookhaven is so popular. It gives players a huge space to roam around and interact with players from all over the globe. As a game within the “Town and City” genre, it has no goal in this game aside from enjoying yourself with others in a relaxed setting, whether it’s sitting in a cafe, taking some time at the local park, or hosting a gathering at your own home.

In terms of houses even though there isn’t any set goal for Brookhaven RP it is plenty of progress in that you can purchase and own a variety of items such as vehicles, homes and accessories, clothing, and more. Although it may take some time to unlock the more luxurious items like furniture and houses you’ll be able to have a lot of fun talking and socializing with your friends during the process.

3. Anime Fighters Simulator

Active Users: 39k

Visits: 827 Million

Rating: 93%

What will you get if you mix Pokemon with Gacha elements, and turn it into an RPG? You’ll get Simulators of Anime Fighters, it’s true!


Don’t believe the title This isn’t an actual fighting game, but in reality, it’s a character collection title with a touch of Gacha to add some fun. The concept is to gather several anime characters, who will accompany you throughout the world, before deploying them to battle the many enemies that are found in the world. In addition, by overcoming enemies and completing the missions that NPCs offer you you’ll earn cash that you can use to fulfil various tasks, such as for the Gacha.

As you travel the world and complete your missions, You’ll constantly discover new characters and increase your squad with various fascinating and formidable characters. Make sure you collect all of them to be the top players on this server!

4. Adopt Me!

Active Users: 83k

Visits: 28.3 Billion

Rating: 83%

Adopt Me! is more of an unpretentious experience with no real goal or urgency, much like Brookhaven RP. Although they’re both similar in many ways this game is different because Adopt Me has a pet-raising and hatching mechanic by which players can get a range of adorable animal companions to roam the globe with.

In addition to being able to engage and communicate with other players and chat with other players, players are also required to complete a set of tasks and tasks to accomplish daily, including maintaining their cleanliness and eating as well as taking care of their pets, which helps them healthier and stronger. For each task and positive act you perform you’ll earn cash in the game that can be used for many things, such as buying food or other items.

Adopt Me is the Roblox version of one of those classic Tamagotchi games, with a self-care and social simulator included. It’s an amazing experience that’s a great method to spend time.

5. Pet Simulator X!

Active Users: 48k

Visits: 4.4 Billion

Rating: 92%

Its description on the Roblox creation is accurate: Earn Coins; Open Eggs and Collect Pets and Trade Pets. This is the basic gist of Pet Simulator X, which is very similar to Adopt Me! But, whereas the prior game was more focused on social aspects, however, this one is more focused on pet-related features, particularly because these adorable animals aren’t only entertainment. You can control them to communicate with the world around them by digging out coins and other treasures. Furthermore, as you continue collecting money, you’ll be able to purchase more eggs that will help build up your pet army.

Each egg you purchase in Pet Simulator can contain specific varieties of pets, with different probabilities of being spawned. In this way, you’ll be buying the same eggs every time until you find the pet you’re hoping for. Even after you have it, you’ll want to purchase eggs because you could trade several versions that of your pet for an upgraded version in gold.

Pet Simulator X is one of the most robust Roblox creations we’ve tried It’s incredibly smooth and has no lag nor visual artefacts like other games available on the platform. It’s a very well-polished and polished product that we cannot recommend enough.

6. Clicker Simulator!

Active Users: 33k

Visits: 265 Million

Rating: 95%

The concept of this game can be summed into one sentence perfectly however this time it’s the title rather than the description. The game is played by players who need to click to earn Clicks! While that may seem confusing, that’s because you’re not aware that Clicks are a form of currency that can be used to purchase various things. Like in the two previous games, you can purchase animals in the Clicker Simulator, and these adorable creatures will follow you around in a stunning manner. In contrast to identical games, pets in this one are mostly decorative and can provide bonuses if they’re installed, but they don’t play much in their own right.

Similar to Adopt Me, you have several missions to be able to complete within the Clicker Simulator, which rewards players with additional clicks. These clicks will also assist you to increase the level of your pets and, in turn, boost their rewards. Furthermore, the game comes with an element of exploration as you can travel around the world looking for hidden treasures, but you’ll have to acquire more abilities, such as double jumps. However, before embarking on a trip you’re likely to take a few minutes to click your fingers away.

Clicker Simulator is an absolute grind. It’s the ideal game to play if you’re the kind of player who enjoys repetitive tasks and watching numbers rise.

7. Murder Mystery 2

Active Users: 42k

Visits: 8 Billion

Rating: 92%

The most played survival game of all time is on our list again because it’s so enjoyable to not play.

For Murder Mystery 2 The majority of the players will play the role of innocents who have to run around in an attempt to survive. One player will be given the responsibility of the Sheriff whose primary responsibility is to find and find the murderer. He is also the sole one who is equipped and can protect others from the dangerous killer at large. However, as the Murderer your mission is to stealthily kill other players, without disclosing your identity and staying away from the Sheriff’s watchful eyes.

Every single game that you play in Murder Mystery 2 is a combination of terror, intrigue, and enjoyment when players collaborate to find the murderer before they unleash destruction and wipe out everyone else across the globe.

8. Sonic Speed Simulator

Active Users: 40k

Visits: 239 Million

Rating: 95%

This is a fascinating aspect, given that it’s not a minor creation it’s a licensed game from a larger development team, with the full approval of the people at Sega. This is the authentic Sonic the Hedgehog Roblox experience that lets you take pleasure in the fast-paced, blood-pumping action that is akin to console games, only it’s on a different platform!

Since it is an officially authorized Sonic the Hedgehog Roblox experience You can expect everything from a broader development team. This game is stunningly beautiful The maps are big and rich, the textures are good and the performance is excellent regardless of how you navigate larger regions in search of crystals, rings, and other objects to boost your character’s performance.

This game is played with your goal to move about and discover the terrain to improve your character. While you’ll start slow, however, your speed will slowly increase as you progress. As you collect crystals and rings and crystals, you’ll increase the speed of earning experiences, which will help you get even faster at levelling up. In no time you’ll be rushing around amid sound, just like our beloved blue hedgehog.

9. BedWars

Active Users: 40k

Visits: 3.4 Billion

Rating: 83%

This could be a candidate to be the most confusing name however, it is logical once you dive into the story.

BedWars is an online PvP game that lets you decide to play as trios, duos, quads, or even solo to eliminate the beds of other teams to ensure that once you’ve defeated their players they will not be able to Respawn (hence BedWars’ name). To help you accomplish your goal you’ll have access to construction blocks made of different materials which you can set on the ground to propel yourself in any direction, much as you would do when placing blocks inside Minecraft or when you construct buildings in Fortnite.

The battle in BedWars is intense and violent You’ll likely die before you know what’s going on. Once you’ve mastered that initial phase of a learning curve, you’ll have plenty of excitement running and playing around, and you’ll be beating matches with ease.

10. Natural Disaster Survival

Active Users: 6k

Visits: 1.9 Billion

Rating: 90%

A fun survival game played out in a series of rounds in which the aim is to be alive! Each round, you’ll face various natural disasters that, if they’re given enough time, will eliminate the areas where players are located. The description of the game states, that you’ll have to race around like your life hangs on it, and it definitely will!

There’s not much any kind of progression in this game which is why it’s so insignificant when compared to other games. However, we’re putting this game because it’s a lot of fun and simple, without tricks. Additionally, it plays pretty well most of the time and is only a problem when natural disasters have destroyed the map which is when games begin to slash the map a bit.

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